Complaints Proceedure

If you have any reason for concern then simply contact 17th Electrics and we will endeavour to resolve any issues in a timely manner.

To ensure customer satisfaction our working practices are listed below.

  • We agree and document the work to be done.
  • Written estimates are provided which include the objective and scope of the work to be completed.
  • We turn up on the dates and times agreed.
  • The client is kept informed of the progress and status of the work.
  • We will always maintain a high standard of work complying with the current regulations.
  • Full certification is provided at the end of the job giving you peace of mind that the job is compliant, safe and functional.
  • Payment is normally only due on successful completion of the job. Exceptions to this may be for staged work however this will also be agreed before any work is started.
  • Our work is guaranteed for a period of 12 months from the completion date. Any component failures within this timeframe will be resolved free of charge.

There are some areas however that we cannot control or be held responsible for :-

  • The initial complaint must be made directly to me before any third party makes changes or corrects the area under concern.
  • The complaint can only be made by the person ordering the work.
  • Any failures due to the circuits or components being used outside the specifications detailed in the design and certification documentation.
  • Damage caused my misuse or external influences.
  • Periodic inspection report, where the relevant features of the electrical installation have subsequently been altered or removed.
  • Further changes to the relevant installation or circuits have been made.
  • No responsibility is taken for the suitability and functionality of any appliances connected to the electrical installation or any damage subsequently caused to the installation or circuits.